Sripad B. K. Tyagi Maharaj’s visit to London

Visit of Sripad B.K. Tyagi Maharaj
On behalf of
Srila B.N. Acharya Maharaj
SCSMath East London & SCSMath West London
22—29 September 2013
Sunday 22: Midday and evening programmes at our Green St centre in East London.

Monday 23: The morning and evening programme will be in East London.

Tuesday 24: Morning programme in East London; the evening programme will be at our centre by Hatton Cross in West London.

Wednesday 25: West London, morning and evening.

Thursday 26: West London, morning and evening.

Friday 27: Morning programme in West London; in the evening will be the event at Nagrecha Hall in Leyton, East London, 6pm—10pm.

Saturday 28: West London, morning, midday, and evening.

Sunday 29: The morning programme will be in West London; His Holiness will then lead the midday programme in East London and depart in the evening.

Nagar Sankirtan will be held every afternoon. Please join!

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