Temple Programme


Visit us at the Sri Chaitanya Saraswat Math in London.

We have a daily spiritual program beginning with Mangal Arati (Auspicious sunrise hymns and prayers to the temple Deities). You are very welcome to join with us every day and particularly on Sunday when we have our traditional Sunday Festival beginning at 11am and culminating with a sumptuous vegetarian feast of sanctified foods (prasadam).


5:00 am Mangal Arati
6:00 am Chaitanya Bhagavat class
12:00 midday Noon Raja Bhoja Arati: (Except Sunday) 1.30 pm
5:00 pm Darshan of the Temple Deities
5:15 pm Srimad Bhagavat / Bhagavat Gita class
6:00 pm Sandhya Arati
6.30 pm Tulasi Parikrama
7:30 pm Chaitanya Charitamrita class
9:00 pm Darshan ends
9:30 pm Temple closes

London Chapter